Introducing our Warm Hearts Songwriter: Colin Graham

Updated from November 2019

Warm Hearts Christmas

Claire :

Many of you have heard his beautiful song writing in action following our release of his festive Christmas song Warm Hearts. Therefore we thought that it would be a good time to re-introduce you to the man himself. In his own words, may I warmly present to you our wonderful songwriter, arranger and lyricist Colin.


“I’ve been in love with music for as long as I can remember. I grew up in an environment where singing and playing the guitar were essential parts of most family celebrations. I was weaned on David Bowie; raised on Neil Young; reproached on Lou Reed; nurtured on James Taylor and soothed
on Carole King – to name but a few. My dads (Johns) job meant we moved a lot when I was a child; but a loving family and music were constant – when we were living abroad, I remember attempting…

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3 thoughts on “Introducing our Warm Hearts Songwriter: Colin Graham

  1. 15th Nov 2019 — 4:32 pm

    Tear in my eye but I am his dad.


  2. Jean & Derek Pedley 22nd Dec 2019 — 6:33 am

    Happy Christmas. We live in Norfolk Island, South Pacific and have just heard your beautiful song on BBC Radio 2. We are also friends of Elaine & Rob Shorthouse. Happy New Year.


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