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WarmHearts Collective website: www.warmheartschristmas.com

A new Christmas Song to cherish!

“Winter’s not holding me back can’t wait till the snow starts falling.

Mistletoe’s now on my mind and I’ll keep on going.”  

On Thursday, 12th of September (tonight as we post this blog) we held our exclusive ‘Facebook Live’ event.

The main purpose of this event was as follows:

  1. Firstly to reward everyone who has joined our journey thus far on our Facebook Campaign Page and put up with Christmas themes even though the kids have just gone back to school!
  2. Secondly to treat those members by allowing them a world exclusive sneak preview to hear our song ‘Warm Hearts’ before anyone else.
  3. Finally as a way of introduction to the launch of our Warm Hearts Christmas website. So, we thought it fitting to start this blog with a few lines from the chorus of the song!

Immediately after our ‘Facebook Live’ event finished this evening, all invited members, as an extra special treat, have been given the chance to visit our Website FIRST: www.warmheartschristmas.com where all sorts of exciting information awaited.

The Warm Hearts Team have managed to put together a website that is easy to navigate; informative about the Warm Hearts Collective; lets you hear the chorus of the song (particularly useful for people wanting to get involved in their own version of the record) and most importantly gives you the links to buy and stream the song.

The song can be purchased via Bandcamp from today 12th September. You can pay £1 for the song which is the minimum or if you wish to pay more than that you can of course do so bearing in mind this is a song where some proceeds will also be helping a number of charitable music initiatives and partners with other charitable organisations.

The song will not be available to stream directly until the pre-Christmas Song Official Launch which happens much closer to Christmastime in order to help with chart entry, however you can still pre-order on the streaming sites if you wanted to.

Amazingly, we think for the first time in the history of recorded Christmas music our website will even tell you how ‘Your Voice’ can be on the record! So, there is a lot to be excited about. For more information on that please make sure you are following our socials and blog.

Now we wouldn’t want to give you the impression that the creation of www.warmheartschristmas.com was a walk in the park, along the canal or anywhere else for that matter! The whole process has taken a huge amount of effort from the Warm Hearts Team. 

So let us explain…….

http://www.WarmHeartsChristmas.com has been a labour of love. As early as March this year John started making enquiries, never realising how much there was to learn to help make an informed decision. Now, John, like most folk, have visited many websites in their time; but admittedly had absolutely zero experience in designing one, and that, I am sure you will appreciate, makes making an informed decision rather difficult!

Maybe it was Aristotle who said, “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know”, and that my friends is certainly true of many of us. 

For example things like:

URLs; Security page; domain names: .org; .uk; dot dot dot; hosts, loading speed, content writers, multiple device compatibility; e-commerce links, to name just a few. It was a festive blizzard of words that just kept on going. Then as John was inching towards a decision, SEO, Privacy Policy Page, Social Media integration and Google Analytics decided to get involved too! There was nothing for it but to knuckle down, work out what we needed, talk to many companies about content, style and cost and then make a decision. With the help of the Warm Hearts Team we were able to finally make that decision. We decided to go with ‘Dotgo’ as our designer, and we can’t express in words how delighted the whole team is with the outcome.

We are sure that you will enjoy visiting the site, listening to our Christmas Song ‘Warm Hearts’, learning a wee bit more about us all and, if you like what you see and hear, we hope you will buy the song.

We are now in September, the nights are drawing in and the Warm Hearts Collective still have a lot to do, like, ‘shooting’ our music video, choosing the Children’s Christmas Card design winner and organising our Christmas Party amongst other things!

You can keep abreast of all these ‘other things’ through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and on www.warmheartschristmas.com from 12th September. 

Finally, to all Warm Hearts past, present and future, thank you for everything from the humble Warm Hearts collective.

In the words of the song:

“Winter’s not holding me back can’t wait till the snow starts falling.

Mistletoe’s now on my mind and I’ll keep on going.”  

Oh, one last thing. To all of us out there, we may be in September but don’t, like us, be lulled into a false sense of security. Christmas may be way down the line. But there is still only one Christmas Eve left until Christmas Day, so check out the opening times of your local garage now!

John, Claire and the Promo Team.

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