1 Month in Social Media

A lot can happen in a month…

When I created the social media channels for this beautiful campaign, I wont lie, it felt somewhat bizarre to be even talking about Christmas in June and July. The irony is that I love Christmas. I’m the first to get my tree lights up and normally one of the last to drag them reluctantly down. If I could have Christmas all year round I would. Sadly I share my life with a man, who, don’t get me wrong, I love dearly, but lets just say he doesn’t share my enthusiasm for all things tinsel. His Warm Heart may already have turned a tad chilly – I am of course only joking but I have been seriously warned to stop singing the chorus of our Warm Hearts song in my sleep along with my Take That and Gary Barlow back catalogue.

My partners less than enthusiastic approach to Christmas however transitions us beautifully to one of the running themes behind the song Warm Hearts. One which we are excited to go into in more detail later this month.

As you know, we have our social media campaign up, running and additionally expanding every day but don’t forget why we are really here. Over the next few weeks we will be gradually introducing you to the beautiful Christmas Song that is Warm Hearts. Penned by our talented songwriter Colin at a point in time where many of us needed some love and glowing warm hearts.

When it arrives, we know you will all enjoy it as much as we love and cherish it too and that, in its essence, is the feeling we want to attempt to spread this coming Christmas. In the current climate where negativity is rife, a song comes along and for a moment lifts you out from that head-space and reminds you of the things in life that often bring happiness and a little bit of positivity and honest joy.

However, for now, lets get back to the progress we have made over the last month and our Warm Hearts promo team journey; a notable strange moment was the planning meetings between John and I, where I actually got sunburnt in his beautiful West Lothian garden whilst discussing the snow starting to fall. On the warmest day on record in sunny Scotland – 35.3 degrees – see below (where we are based) we were brainstorming bauble and snowflake themes versus the candy cane and Santa palette colours. I should add that another member of our wonderful promotions team, Grace, is not only an experienced marketeer but a fabulous cook so that always made my summer meetings go exceedingly well ( in the words of Mr Kipling).

In review, we have (in case you missed it) this month announced one of our charity partners Hit Scotland who will benefit from some of the proceeds from the single alongside other partners and benefactors which we will release more information on throughout the campaign.

We have been delighted to introduce you to our leader in charge, John and effectively our Warm Hearts captain. Our next big introduction follows later this week. Stay tuned for that as you wont be disappointed.

In relation to our blog here on WordPress, in the last month this is where we have begun to introduce you to the overall world of Warm Hearts. I’d initially like to take a moment to thank everyone who is already following and subscribed to the blog. It means the world to us but it is also where we will be sharing most of our journey updates, about us, events, promotions maybe even a competition or two and so very much more. So please share it, promote it, tell your friends and send them here :


Our official website is only a few weeks away from its official launch and there will be so much more news relating to that in the coming weeks so watch this space for the special launch of http://www.warmheartschristmas.com which will be the home of not only where to buy and stream the song but where you can get involved by singing with us. More on that coming soon in future posts where I will explain a little more about the ethos of our “we are warm hearts” campaign, where it originated and where we envisage it taking us. However, for now, please do keep sending us your amazing Warm Hearts Videos and Pictures via the social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So far, in the last month we have accepted Videos and Warm Hearts Pictures from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, USA, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and Canada. We would very much love this global message to continue so please share the word and keep sending them in to us.

We are delighted to receive them, no matter where they come from or locations videos taken in, so whether they are staged from the comfort of your own living room or the Great Wall of China, the main message is the spread of our Warm Hearts ethos and embracing the collective Warm Hearts journey. We also would love to receive them in other languages as to date we have accepted wonderful clips in English and Spanish but it would be fantastic if we can try and get some other languages represented as our Warm Hearts are here for everyone to enjoy.

Our YouTube channel, found here below, has a wonderful playlist of all our videos which you can beam straight to your television boxes if you so wish to see your creations and hear your beautiful voices in high definition. The channel is growing with each and every video. If you would like yours featured be sure to drop admin a message.

Our Twitter reach is growing steadily. If you are on twitter make sure you follow us @WarmHeartsXmas and retweet and interact with our tweets.

Our Instagram @warmheartschristmas is providing a vivid landscape of colourful Warm Hearts love, hearts and videos.

Finally our Facebook Group is flourishing, if you haven’t already; please join us here to post your videos and pictures discussed above: We have a community of more than 400 wonderful Warm Hearts followers and members in a matter of weeks.


If you are a fan of Christmas, we will also be sharing additional festive content on our designated Facebook Promo Team Page so give that a follow too, if you, like me cant wait to watch Elf with a cup of mulled wine…


It has been a truly amazing month so far, but most importantly, thank you all for helping make our first weeks on social media such a resounding success. We couldn’t do it without you and we wouldn’t want to either. The Promo Team day is regularly brightened on receipt of the latest campaign entry. Make them heartfelt, make them weird, make them wacky but most of all make them with some joy, fun and laughter. We are all WARM HEARTS.

With Love and Warm Hearts Gratitude

#wearewarmhearts #teamwarmhearts #warmheartschristmas #warmhearts

Claire ( Warm Hearts Christmas Promo Marketing and Media Team Manager )

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