Welcome to the Warm Hearts Team : John

John Graham Warm Hearts Project Director

July 3rd, 1973 David Bowie tells the World there would be no more
Ziggy Stardust.

Everyone has events in their lives that have a special significance, they
remember where they were and that, my friends, is one of mine. I can
also remember where I was when Colin, my son and writer of
Warm Hearts, played me for the first time a song entitled “Out of
Everywhere” it was 13th May 1996 at the now defunct “The Pound
Studios” in Falkirk.

Colin, who had been up all night writing the song, exhausted, picked up
an acoustic guitar caressed the opening chords and whispered “you
tried to say pouring time between us wouldn’t drown me in your
flames”; I sat there enchanted as the words and melody made their way
into my consciousness, never to be forgotten. That moment, that
memory I will cherish forever was when I knew that Colin was a seriously
talented songwriter and from then and every moment since, as more and
more songs were penned, I knew that I needed the world to hear his

A lot of time has evaporated, 23 years, since I first heard “Out of
Everywhere” and life took its path. During all that time, I promise you, I
always harboured the dream that one day my life would reach a point
where I would be able to realise my dream of the world being able to
hear Colin’s now considerable back catalogue.

In 2018 two worlds collided, I retired and though I am not sure why, in
November, Colin had a lava-esque outpouring of new material, that is
today still continuing, one of which was ‘Warm Hearts’. In November,
convinced of the quality of the song, we made a decision to record,
promote, finance and release Warm Hearts completely independently.
If we made a hit record then that would provide a launch pad for the
careers of not only Colin as a songwriter but the other extremely talented
team members of project “Warm Hearts” who perform on the record and
the rest, I hope it will be said sometime in the future, is history.

Until that time let me introduce myself. My name is John Graham, a 63
year-old retired engineer and now budding Luthier, fancy name for a
guitar builder, who is pouring his warm heart into making ‘Warm Hearts’
a hit. I have two children and four grandchildren, and I suppose I am
managing this project; Grace, my better half is a retired trainer in IT and
she is managing me!

Now please don’t worry I am not going to be regaling you with tales of
John’s Christmases past. I am going to stick to the here and now.
Now I am not stupid! I realise that there are significant challenges ahead
to make Warm Hearts a Christmas Hit, a Christmas No.1 not the least of
which is the seemingly insurmountable edifice that is the Music Industry,
let’s call them the TITANS.

I know a titanic battle lies ahead and sometimes, I freely admit, I get a
little bit daunted:

No experience of the music industry versus infinite experience.

Very small finite resources versus unlimited.

No Music Industry Connections versus a closed book entitled
Who’s Who of the Music Industry

And then I remember what I do have:

An original song called ‘Warm Hearts’ that can be likened to the
great Christmas songs of the 80s although with a modern twist.
A small but motivated team of creative people working together
who are pouring all their energies into making Warm Hearts this
year’s Christmas No.1.

Now we know we are shooting for the STARS but if you don’t try you will
never know.
We appreciate there are hurdles. We also understand that we will never
do it, overcome THEM, the mighty TITANS, WITHOUT YOUR HELP, so
I leave you with these thoughts:

I am only
the father of the writer
in-law of a singer
grandad of other singers too
I’m not all things to all men
but with your help we can beat them
THEM being the TITANS of Music
that’s who.

Thank you. With Warm Hearts John.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Warm Hearts Team : John

  1. What You have achieved To this point is amazing and wishing everyone involved the very warmest of Hearts 👍🏻❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for this it really made our day.


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