Announcing our Warm Hearts Charity Partner

What does the face of success look like?

John : Warm Hearts Project Director

We’ve had a ‘HIT’

…And it was nothing to do with me, John the Warm Hearts Project Director. It was to do with three things; HIT in the guise of David Cochrane, Kirsty MacLeod and Alyson Gray, the Executive Team and driving force behind the Hospitality Industry Trust (HIT) Scotland; Heather McNamee long standing friend, hospitality professional and supporter of HIT and woman of phenomenal drive, who in her day job mixes with a lot of interesting and influential people, and of course our song WarmHearts.

How this came about is that for some time now the WarmHearts Team have been searching for a charity who could be both a beneficiary and partner but for one reason or another haven’t been able to do so. Then Heather made contact with David, the Chief Executive of HIT Scotland. She explained to him a bit about our past, present, future and crucially our ethos. David’s interest, being piqued, agreed to meet Heather and I in Glasgow to discuss how we can be of help to each other.

The meeting was very enjoyable and fruitful with David and Kirsty putting Heather and I immediately at ease. We discussed the benefits of HIT and WarmHearts partnering at some length but in essence we agreed that our song WarmHearts, after a live performance by the band Shorthouse, the WarmHearts band, will be officially released during the night of HITS 25th Anniversary and Annual Christmas party being held in the Crown Plaza Glasgow.

 We hope sales of the record will be fast and furious because 25% of all profits will go to HIT Scotland. Details of other charitable beneficiaries will be revealed in future blogs.

There are many exciting events planned for the night as well as potential collaborations both before and after the 25th Anniversary/Christmas Party. All will be revealed here on the WarmHearts blog as well as HIT’s social media platforms.

So keep following the ‘WarmHearts’ and ‘HIT’s’ Social Media campaigns to find out more.

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We, WarmHearts, are really excited to be partnered with HIT Scotland and to finish this blog we thought it appropriate to tell you something about HIT’S Mission in life.

Established by the industry leaders of the time in 1994, the charity has gone from strength to strength to support literally tens of thousands of people working and studying in the hospitality industry in Scotland to broaden their skills and experience by taking advantage of a tailored learning experience offered through the HIT scholarship programme.

These unique awards are made possible by extensive support from all sectors of the industry who primarily donate funding through attendance at events or through individual donations and corporate sponsorship.

What makes HIT Scotland so unique is the spirit of its brand which, in so many ways, reflect the unique spirit of the hospitality industry itself in Scotland.  It is one of its kind as an industry led collaboration and attracts many industry colleagues, at every level, to give their time and other resources in support and to ‘give back’ to their industry.#

We’ve had a ‘HIT’

Claire Guckian Campaign PR Marketing and Media

John Graham Project Director

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